I Have Heard Facts, Gossip, Myths, and Scandals

I have Heard Gossip

Gossip or Real News?

I have heard what is purported to be the latest gossip about many celebrities, politicians, religious leaders, and innumerable other “actors” of society – both past and present.  The gossip is also more “local” among friends, relatives, and acquaintances.  Much of the gossip evolves into scandals – real and imaginary.  Much of it adds up to self-promotion or public relations.  Many reports become myths.


I Have Heard About the Sources of Our Freedoms

In The Beginning and to the End of the Ages

Just a Common Soldier

Freedom and Obligation by Clarence Thomas, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

I Have Heard What You Have Heard but With My Perspective

Have you heard the latest myths?  Have you heard the latest scandals?  Have you heard about the latest crime sprees?  I have heard many variations of the communications that continue to bombard our world – as have my readers.  This blog website is my effort to give “my take” or observations concerning world events of which I have heard or experienced.  The below “postings” represent my latest opinions or views.  All site postings can be accessed through the sidebar listing of “Recent Posts.”