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The Gimmick

IHaveHeard.Com Real Estate Real estate gimmick!  What is a gimmick?  Gim-mick.  A device employed, often illegally, to cheat, deceive, or trick.  A stratagem employed to promote a project, i.e., an advertising gimmick.  A trivial or unnecessary innovation, as a gadget, added to enhance appeal.  To add gimmicks to, clutter with gadgets or catchy details. 

Real Estate Gimmicks as Motivators

Why do you buy a particular house?

Are you an impulse buyer at the supermarket?

Do you fall prey to the same impulses when shopping for a home?

What triggers your home-buying impulse?  Special home features?  Are they expensive?  Are they popular?  Are they functional?  Can the money be spent on something more useful and more widely appealing? 

Gimmicks as Universal Motivators

Surveys show that many houses, as well as other products and services, are purchased because of one or more distinctive features that trigger the buying impulse.  Sometimes these features are gimmicks used to catch the eyes or imagination of the buyer but have very little value in use and enjoyment of the product.  The buyer is tricked into buying a product that is made to appear better than it actually is.  The house has one or more special features that seem to make the whole house special, but this is not necessarily so.  The quality and utility of the house are much less than they appear to be once the buyer recovers from the emotional appeal of the enticing, distracting features.  Certain strong emotions enter into the house-buying experience.  Marketing techniques are designed to tap into those emotions and harness them to produce a sale.


Sales Gimmicks