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Don McElyea, Author, Moderator, and Owner of IHaveHeard.com realizes that with most successful endeavors, knowledge is paramount.  About I Have Heard page is to acquaint you with our mission and purpose for this website.  By reporting things, I have heard about and allowing others to contribute their knowledge, I feel that all can benefit. Factors affecting our financial, home, social, and family life are often hard or impossible to determine.  Acquisition of knowledge about those factors is, of necessity, a primary goal of the responsible citizen.  Our mission is contribution to all aspects of that universal interest and knowledge base.  Participation by our site visitors is of utmost importance to accomplishing our stated mission.  Your comments, both publicly and privately, are encouraged and will be integrated into what we offer.  Please visit and contribute to our blogs.  Increase our knowledge contribution to things regarding About I Have Heard content!

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The website, “ihaveheard.com,” is a site dedicated to publication of useful information, discussion, and opinion through the Blog and Comment format. Information subjects, discussion, and opinions are open for contribution and participation by the internet community. Initiating subjects and opinions are posted by the site owner and author. Subjects include God, faith and religion, gun control, racial issues, flag issues, slavery, US Constitution, immigration, real estate, construction, home and family, finance, legal issues, and politics.

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Legal Disclaimer

The information contained on the pages of this site is taken from what are believed to be reliable sources.  We, however, do not guarantee its validity, take any responsibility for reliance on it, or make any warranty implied or actual.  Those items of a legal nature are not provided as any attempt to practice law or give legal advice.  Your attorney should be consulted regarding any legal questions you may have.  The validity of any item may differ according to locale.


About Author and Moderator Background



MBA – Master of Administrative Science/Industrial & Systems Engineering

BS – Business Administration/Management Science (Operations Research)

BS – Physics/Math Minor

AAS – Associates Degree in Applied Science and Electronics Technology

Many courses in real estate, computer science, computer programming, software systems analysis and development, reliability and quality assurance, configuration management, logistics, cost estimating, and management/project management.


Many courses in real estate and real estate-related subjects inclusive of real estate sales, buyer representation, appraisal, homebuilding, property management, real estate law and records, mortgage origination, insurance, construction, construction cost estimating, inspection, electrical systems, HVAC systems, and radon gas measurement and mitigation.


Real Estate Broker; Homebuilder License; Home Inspector; Housing Inspector; Housing Rehabilitation Inspector; Mechanical Inspector; Electrical Inspector; Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Contractor; Radon Gas Services (Measurement & Mitigation); Real Estate Appraiser License


Missile Systems Engineer – 35 years

Owner and manager of personal investment property – 38 years





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