Family Affinity for Home

IHaveHeard.Com Family AffinityFamily affinity for a fruitful life!  Consider the four words: home, family, affinity, unity.  What do they mean to you? Your home! Does this term have special meaning for you? Can you describe it? Home, family, unity and affinity, all four, have connotations of warmth, attraction, attachment, and closeness — a retreat from the rest of the world, a haven, a place of safety, a refuge. Webster’s New World Thesaurus provides one description of home as “The whole complex associated with domestic life.” It has a domestic focus.

Demonstrated Family Care

The family affinity is easily observable in many families.  They seem to take advantage of every opportunity to be together.  They have family reunions, parties, picnics, concert dates – they seem to never get enough of each other.  However, this doesn’t necessarily mean they never have disagreements or family problems, but they do seem to look at the big picture and resolve their issues.  It would be great if all families could avoid animosity among themselves, but the world is not that perfect.  There are many others on the opposite end of the care spectrum.

Family Affinity and Unity

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