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Your home estate!  Consider the words home, family, and affinity.  What do they mean to you?  Your home!  Does this term have special meaning for you?  Can you describe it?  Home, family and affinity, all three, have connotations of warmth, attraction, attachment, and closeness – a retreat from the rest of the world, a haven, a place of safety, a refuge.  Webster’s New World Thesaurus provides one description of home as “The whole complex associated with domestic life.”  Home ownership and home estate are significant components of the net worth and emotional health of stable family units.  Whatever your interest or need – community issues, family issues and wellbeing, religion and church, education, home buying, home selling, home appraisal, home inspection, mortgages, insurance, home furnishings, maintenance, home construction, environmental issues such as radon gas and lead, financial services and issues, investments, real estate, medical needs, clothing, automobiles, shopping, consumer issues – we want to explore and provide direction to sources of useful information and services that will assist you in obtaining solutions to your personal and family problems, wants, and needs.  This exploration of mutual needs, attitudes, wants, and solutions, can be enhanced through participation in our blogs.  Offer and receive information and assistance to and from blog participants.  Discover information and attitudes you are not aware of and contribute to the knowledge of others.


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