Real Estate Transaction Attorneys and Legal Issues in Real Estate

Real estate transaction attorneys are often called on to settle legal issues which arise in many ways during the course of real estate transactions and in many other aspects of home life. The legal issues in buying and selling of real estate are usually resolved by closing attorneys and they must assure that a clear title is passed from the seller to the buyer. This necessity is accomplished in most home sales by the closing attorney without the assistance of separate attorneys for the parties. However, as a matter of prudence, the buyer should take steps to assure that his/her interests are being well represented. A pass of “clouded” title could have dire consequences and restrict the use of or re-transfer of the property. Of course, this precaution is also true of other type legal transactions. In the case of real estate, title insurance is one method of mitigating the consequences of a defective transfer of title. A clear understanding of the title insurance policy provisions is extremely important to your protection, just as it is for coverage under a homeowners, automobile, professional disability, or professional errors and omissions policy. The title insurance policy also provides protection against errors in or inadequate attorney performance.


Selection of Real Estate Attorney

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