Past Adventures and Innocence Currently Reflected

Help Us Travel Back to the Times of Adventures and Innocence

Adventures and innocence in the long ago past.  Help us travel back to the times of Lil’ Orphan Annie Daddy Warbucks Punjab The Asp Dick Tracy hairy bushy-faced B O Plenty Gravel Gertie Sparkle Plenty Sam Ketchum Dick Tracy Junior Dagwood and Blondie cowboys Indians horses cows barns corrals black & white hats Red Ryder Little Beaver The Lone Ranger Tonto Flash Gordon Plastic Man Batman Robin Captain Marvel Mary Marvel Gasoline Alley and Skeezix tender black nights Daffy Duck Roadrunner Snoopy Peanuts  The Flash Daredevil Wonder Woman Plastic Man Goofy Bugs Bunny Elmer Fudd Dragnet Sgt. Friday Steve Canyon G I Joe I Love Lucy Mayberry and Andy Black Magic on stage Black Bart black and white trim and tables and chairs at the drug store big round juicy red watermelons soda fountain farms and farm animals barns of mystery carnivals and the forbidden Zane Grey Nevada Smith banging of cap guns with cowboys and Indians Banging blackbirds and crows  The sting of knotted rubber strips from rubber guns made from real rubber inner tubes home-made slingshots or flips Red Ryder BB guns Moby Dick drive-in movies drive-in cafes downtown shopping swinging on the front porch swinging tires swimming hole swings erection of structures with character and beauty that withstand the tests of time black cars white shirts Huge round circus tents and big long roller-skating rink tents open doors trust commerce-free Sundays parents who punish rather than make excuses or ignore bad behavior and criminal activity parents who know and care about what their children are doing children that care about what their parents think of their actions sisters brothers the discipline of shame No rap No chat No raunchy TV Make your contributions through the “Comments” provisions of this website.

The Past Adventure Reflected in Current Entertainment Fare

Those of us who watch some of the popular television programs and movies, I believe, will see reflections of some of the above characters and plots.  One that immediately comes to mind for me is the popular television show “The Black List.”  In the show I see reflections of “Lil Orphan Annie.”  The main male character’s role resembles “Daddy Warbucks,” and the main female is Annie.  The black character that is protective of Daddy is “Punjab,” the ever hovering, protective guardian of Daddy and Annie.  Only the “Asp” does not seem to have a parallel character other than the mysterious female who seems to always be present at a critical time.  Some of the other characters appear to be reflected in other venues.


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