Merry Christmas Ruminations Publically

Merry Christmas Ruminations for Today

Merry Christmas to all! Please don’t get mad, I am only wishing you a merry, joyous, joyful, happy, celebration of the birth of the Christ Child. What, you are offended? This seems to be the theme of the celebration of the birth of Christ in recent years. This theme, or attitude, has been expressed more frequently over a period of several years, and has reached new heights in the year 2015. There have been news reports of various hostile altercations as a result of the utterance of the expression “Merry Christmas.” It appears to be a persecution of the very foundation of Christianity and all that it has meant to the world. It is rampant here in the United States of America (USA), which was founded upon, and has been faithful to, propagation of Judeo-Christian principles and values throughout its history. The expression “Merry Christmas” institutionally has been replaced by the inclusive “happy holidays” which groups all the season’s activities under a generic greeting which has no recognition of the Holy Reason for the season. It is used as an excuse for all types of activities which have no relation to the celebration of the entry of the Christ Child into the world. These attitudes are not unobserved by the youth that are the future of the USA and the rest of the world.

I say “Merry Christmas” very readily and freely! However, I am not sure what “Merry Christmas” means. Perhaps “Joyous Christmas” or “Joyful Christmas” would be more meaningful, accurate, and personal. The Holy Birth of Jesus Christ was a joyous, joyful, solemn, foreseen and awaited event. Merrymaking was not the atmosphere surrounding observation of the Christ Child, in my understanding. Why not recognize and celebrate the event with the reverence more appropriate and deserved? The journey of the Wise Men was one of reverent anticipation – not one of merriment. And, upon discovery of the Quest, it became one of honor and worship. A return to recognition of this Holy Event as a more joyful, reverent, event would benefit the world.


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