Domestic Terrorism Hood Legacy

Domestic Terrorism from the Hood

Terrorism on the streets of Chicago!  Demonstrations started on South-side Chicago, IL, as reported by the media.  Michigan Avenue in Chicago shut down by demonstrators on Black Friday!  Chicago demonstrations continue.  A demonstrator is shown in online video staring down a policeman.  The policeman demonstrates admirable control in the face of the punk taking advantage of the situation.  Law enforcement “dresses down,” at considerable risk to themselves, in resources marshalled to counter the possible violence from the rambling, ranting mass of discontent.  Jesse Jackson and other instigators of discontent rush in.

Demonstrations and Their Purposes

These demonstrations are all the same – Ferguson, MO; Baltimore, MD; and others.  The have now spread to universities where the participants, obviously, do not know how lucky they are.  The demonstration participants claim “high-road purposes,” but use the events for looting and making demands for change to their benefit with little justification.  The facts of the supposed reason for the demonstrations matter little or not at all.  They seek other ends, often to the detriment of other individuals or society at large.  Their quest for other ends is supported by and promoted by the Obama Administration and other liberal entities.  Others pay the price for their disturbances.

What is Terrorism?

Terrorism is defined as:

“terrorism n.  1. The use of terror, violence, and intimidation to achieve an end.  2. Fear and subjugation produced by this.  3. A system of government that uses terror to rule.”  (The American Heritage Dictionary, 1976)

Domestic Terrorism

The demonstration activities occurring in the black neighborhoods and spilling out into the at-large cities fit perfectly definitions 1 and 2; and definition 3 is achieved though the Obama Administration by their policies toward the demonstrations.  All these activities have an economic impact.  When businesses are destroyed or shut down, the owners and employees pay a price.  Even those losses that are insured create economic impact through increased premiums to all.  Employees lose their jobs for a time or perhaps permanently.  Demonstrators receive payout through lawsuits, even when unjustified.  Demonstrators use the unrest as a cover for theft and other activities.  People are afraid to go to work or conduct other activities due to fear of being exposed to the violence and general unrest in the demonstration neighborhoods  These fears even extend to neighborhoods far-removed from the demonstrations.  This is domestic terrorism, pure and simple.


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