Personal Immorality Government Policy

Personal Immorality Promoted by Government Policy

Personal immorality, in the population of individuals and within the confines of institutions and government, in my opinion, is promoted by the United States of America (USA) Government. The immoral actions are promulgated through many of its programs involving welfare benefits, foreign aid, and national defense. The programs, in my opinion, encourage actions of sexual immorality (fornication and adultery), abortion and selling of baby parts, homosexual marriage, thievery, murder, lying, cheating, abuse, illegal entry of aliens, and other actions of the same nature.

The various “welfare” programs encourage immorality by individuals and institutional management, both private and governmental. Government agencies and civilian welfare organizations are dependent on developing and maintaining dependency on their “services” in order to keep the money flowing and maintain their “positions” as providers of “essential services.” Poverty is “big business!”  One major result of the liberal welfare benefits manifests itself in the outrageous incidence of children born to unwed parents. Increasingly, according to publically “outed” verbal reports, many children are being conceived primarily to justify receipt of welfare and other social services benefits. I have seen televised interviews, over a period of many years, wherein young, unmarried girls admit to economic benefits as motivation for having children. The large number of births to unwed parents is promoting the “bastardization” of America and is financed by the tax-paying population. The large and increasing incidence of divorce also contributes to the problem by promoting acceptance and its’ consequences.

Bastardization of America

Bastardization1 and Illegitimacy2

Bastardization and bastard3! Not very nice sounding words or terms to utter. They are filled with a connotation of anger and disdain. However, they are very descriptive and meaningful – especially when coupled with the term “illegitimacy.” All these terms, I feel, are meaningful to all my readers in a wide variety of situations.

Growing up I heard the word “bastard” used in many situations. Most of the time they were playful or used in a non-sincere manner, taking the place of, perhaps, a swear word or a playful word of endearment among friends. Nothing about it was taken seriously. If taken seriously, violence could easily have occurred. At times the usage became more personal and was used to demean an individual – either present or in reference.

As I observed these usages and their changing tones, I felt that their usage and connotations were in error. The usage demeaned the subjects or objects of transgressions by the parents. The “bastard” or “illegitimate4” child was completely innocent of responsibility for the immoral acts leading to the birth to unmarried parents outside the norms of society and religious teachings.

However, the norms of society, and apparently some religious teachings or standards of acceptance, have changed drastically since pre-1960s. The advent of the “free-love” hippie movement of the 60s and a closely related movement of the “feminists,” along with civil rights demands without responsibility, changed attitudes and expectations of many. The emphasis seemed to shift to “fairness” rather than “right” and “wrong” of behavior. Prior to this shift it was considered shameful to live together unmarried, divorce, and have children out of wedlock – bastards.  All of us, I believe, are aware that those attitudes seem to be “long gone.” Over the period of several recent years I have seen published accounts of women with several children and each child had a different father, many times the father is unknown, and the mother has never been married to any of them.

According to the National Vital Statistics Report, Births: Final Data for 20122, the birth rate for unmarried women in 2012 was 45.3 per 1,000 births, ages 15-44. This is 40.7 percent of the births. The statistics for all ages of unmarried women giving birth are as follows:

All ages, all races: 1,609,619

White, Total: 1,078,289

White, Non-Hispanic: 626,131 (58.1%)

White, Hispanic: 452,158 (41.9%)

Black, Total: 454,080

Black, Non-Hispanic: 420,977 (92.7%)

Black, Hispanic: 33,103 (7.3%)

American Indian or Alaska Native: 30,855

Asian or Pacific Islander: 46,395

Hispanic: 485,166

The unmarried birth rate of 40.7 percent of all births to unmarried mothers is a disaster for the USA economically and spiritually. I feel that the rate is even higher due to the influx of illegal aliens.  Many are untraceable and probably bore children out of wedlock prior to entering the country. Although the title of this article, “Bastardization of America,” is a very coarse title to use, it fits the circumstances. In view of this, it is easy to see why there has been some movement to ban the words “bastard” and “illegitimate” in relation to births.

Economically we have most of these birth “families” dependent on the welfare system for survival. We have already seen money from Medicare, under the Obama Administration, diverted to the Medicaid system for support of the dependent poor. Taking the money away from those who have paid into the system and depending on its benefits for retirement. They must now make up the difference in their requirements from savings or do without. In addition, the children of the unmarried-birth families will be very likely to grow up and begin the cycle all over – and on it goes. Many will be immersed in criminal activity and the justice system. Many will live a life of poverty and follow in the foot-steps of their unmarried parents.

Spiritually, the birth of children to unmarried parents is in defiance of God’s plan for man and woman. His intent is for children to grow up in a loving family and in obedience to His will.

Tools of Immorality Promotion

Abortion and selling of baby parts, homosexual marriage, thievery (redistribution of wealth), murder (abortion, and justification for gun control), lying (Obama Care), cheating (IRS and e-mail scandals), abuse (Benghazi and persecution of Christian values), illegal entry of aliens, and other actions of the same nature are out of control in today’s USA society. These all are tools used in the promotion of immoral, illegal, unethical, and other society-damaging programs and policies. They have reached unprecedented heights during the Administration of Barack Hussein Obama, II.

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