Law Enforcement Besieged

Police Under Siege

Killing of Two Hattiesburg, Mississippi Policemen

Law enforcement takes another hit!  As of May 10, 2015, four suspects have been arrested in the shooting death of two police officers on May 9, one black and one white, as reported by the news services. The murders resulted from a traffic stop, apparently, and no motive has yet been offered. A white police officer has just recently been buried in New York after being shot in the face. A short time prior to that murder, two were murdered sitting in their car protecting the neighborhood. I have seen no reports of rioting or demonstrations by anyone condemning the shootings and deaths of the policemen. But I have read reports of some making statements that indicate that they are happy the murders occurred. Decency is absent!

Why Police Careers?

For the most part, those who enter law enforcement as a career, I believe, do the best they can under very difficult circumstances. All want to go home at the end of their shift. Many of them are young and still searching for their purpose and commitment in life. Some have families waiting for them. All have friends and coworkers looking forward to their next encounter. They have to anticipate what their next street encounter will involve while not overstepping their guidelines and fears. They do this many times with split-second decisions. They step into the largely unknown each time they encounter a lawbreaker or potential lawbreaker, not knowing what reaction or level of violence they will experience.

Remove the Shackles

How long will the honest and honorable applicants continue to come forward under the shadows of current attitudes toward them? These attitudes are supported and encouraged by the current Administration, Obama and his Justice Department. It seems that one has to be insane or desperate if they take law enforcement jobs. The shackles should be removed and freedom for the police departments to do their jobs should be enhanced. They should be able to fight fire with fire. In events like those of Baltimore, Maryland, and Ferguson, Missouri, lethal force should be unleashed. The shooting of thugs by law enforcement in Ferguson and in Baltimore has been met with riots, looting, and destruction, as we are all aware. The “victims” in these shootings have records of illegal activities and have been shot while refusing to submit to authorities while performing questionable, and apparently illegal activities. The current Obama Administration and Justice Depart repeatedly devalue law enforcement efforts as demonstrated in Obama’s Release & Commutation of Sentencing of 20 Drug Inmates.

Drug War Participants and Laws Enforcement

Tell me again why we are spending so much money on the War on Drugs. The DEA, Secret Service, and FBI are apparently complicit in the drug trade as reported in recent activities in South America. All law enforcement agencies, both national and local, have a vested interest in not solving the illicit drug problem. As long as the drug problems exist, they are able to keep the money flowing to support their activities and resulting profit from them. For many years it has been made clear what the various drugs will do to you. Their use is voluntary (that is true also for two of the most dangerous drugs – liquor and tobacco). Taxpayer-subsidized health care should not be used to treat users. Let them suffer the consequences of their actions. These activities are voluntary and should be the responsibility of the user alone. Take note of the recent Spring Break drug use and shootings – I don’t believe the “innocents” were present. Parents, I believe, are well aware of what is going on and should, along with the offenders, take responsibility for the consequences.


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