Between the Lines

Between the Lines – Truth

Between the lines!  Am I making reference to your driving?  Just keep it between the lines!  No, I am referencing language very often heard.  “Oh, she is so beautiful, it’s too bad that had to happen to such a beautiful girl!”  Would it be less disturbing if it had happened to someone, male or female, that is not as attractive?  That is what I often read between the lines of comments made.  I realize that the person making the comment may just be trying to be complimentary to the person who has just suffered a tragic event, but it places a value on the tragedy of the event that is related to the attributes of the person that has suffered the tragedy.  Those attributes may not be under the control of the sufferer.

Reading between the lines will often make one aware of the real message that is being transmitted.  Being “politically correct” sometimes makes people say things that do not express, outwardly, that which they really mean or intend to say.  This can refer to the “tongue-in-cheek” comments often heard in conversation.  It does convey a message, but without direct confrontation and provides the advantage  of “plausible denial”.  Politicians are masters of this type double-talk.  This can also be ascribed to the term “word-smithing,” where the shaded forms of words are chosen and arranged to give a wanted effect.  The effect provided often skirts the truth.


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