A Tragic Christmas

A Tragic Christmas


A tragic Christmas!  You say, how can that be, a tragic Christmas?  We are about to experience one, a tragic Christmas where Christmas is represented by the failure to show a comedic movie on Christmas Day due to some threat by a represented despot.  First of all, Christmas is about the Holy Birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Why do we allow it to be about a movie, a product designed purely for profit and which in no way glorifies the Birth celebrated on Christmas Day.  The people who gain from the showing of the movie are a conglomerate of state representatives and actors who have no interest in the meaning of the celebrated day.

I, for one, probably do not attend an average of one movie a year.  I am very selective about what I see and devote my time toward.  To use a venue such as the subject movie, The Interview, to entice the world from a true celebration of the Holy Birth is a sad commentary on the condition of the world.  And then, we wonder why there is so much murder and discord in the world.  We in the United States of America (USA) have allowed too much garbage to infiltrate the fabric of a country founded on the Judeo-Christian principles that have made it the greatest country in history.  Our immigration policies should be more selective.  I long for a return to the attitudes of the days of my childhood when we were happy to just be together as a family on Christmas, with little thought of outside detractions from the purpose of the day.  We were happy with our gifts of fruit, nuts, and perhaps, a pair of socks.  The receipt of a pair of cowboy cap guns and costume was a real treat.


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