CIA Interrogation Report

CIA Interrogation Report

CIA Interrogation Report!  A joke!  I know practically nothing about the CIA or their interrogation program.  However, I have been a party to many investigations and have had significant report writing training and experience.  And, in my opinion, this report is not worth the paper it’s written on.  The $40 million it cost to develop it, in view of accomplishments reported, is obscene.  It is a self-serving activity for Dianne Feinstein and her supporters.


Details Missing

It has been reported that the participants were not interviewed.  Leaving out the details that would have been gained by interviews of the participants generates a report of “supposition.”  We don’t know what was actually performed in terms of procedures and techniques.  It also leaves out the facts that would be necessary to determine the legality of the techniques and procedures being used.  A valid report must touch on each detail of the activity and on each participant.


Program Talk-Around

I have, in my career with the Government as an engineer, worked on several highly-classified programs.  On these programs it was an ordeal to converse about them without divulging identifying information.  One bit of information, when combined with other knowledge and people associated with the program, could “spill the beans.”  We traveled in separate cars, ate at different restaurants, and ignored one another when we met on the street, in restaurants, or elsewhere.  Identification of programs and people associations were still made.  Remember the World War II phrase, “Loose lips sink ships?”  I wonder how many drunken conversations in bars led to loss of life or compromised operations.  This is the position now faced by those participants in the activities described in the CIA Interrogation Report.  Associations will be made and lives will likely be lost.  The United States will lose valuable contacts.


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