Ferguson Missouri

Ferguson, Missouri Inflamed

Ferguson Missouri Inflamed Deceit

Ferguson Missouri inflamed and aflame!  A condition of their own cultural, or lack thereof, making in the protesting community.  The profile of humanity is accessed in all that we do, no matter the race or activity being addressed.  I profile the people and factors involved each time I contemplate an activity or project.  If I meet a person or group of people on the street I anticipate my reaction to and my interaction with them in the encounter.  This profile of the intended meeting is based on the totality of my personal experience and on knowledge gained from others.  This is a major component of education.  To do otherwise is a wasted existence.  The profile may be in error and require adjustment, but for anyone to deny that their interactions are based on a “profile” is very dishonest, I believe.  And, that includes Obama, Holder, or any of the other lawless administration members.  The characterizations of racial, ethnic, and other groups has happened over a period of many years and is an outcome of observation and experience.  Anyone with the experience of 50-60 years can recognize the truths expressed in them.  To expect someone to ignore this reality in their interactions is stupidity.

When law enforcement officers tell you to stop, stop!  When they issue that command, they have already “profiled” you on the basis of their knowledge, no matter your color or other persuasion, and believe that they should detain you!  Stop!  The details can be worked out in conversation.  If you attack them, I believe they have the right to use lethal force in stopping you.  They have a right to preserve their own life.  If I, as a citizen, am attacked and believe my life is in danger, I believe I am justified in using lethal force to stop the attacker.  I believe this right has been affirmed and enacted into the law of many states.  I also realize that the Obama Administration would like, and is taking every path they can, to deprive me of this right.  I believe wholeheartedly in the Second Amendment to the US Constitution and devote some of my resources to defending that right.  I am a long-time member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and adhere to their programs.

Michael Brown has caused Ferguson, Missouri, to be aflame.  His actions, causing Darren Wilson to take his life to protect his own, led to the protests and ensuing actions of looting and burning the city.  If these animals were working jobs and being productive citizens, rather than being leeches, they would not have time to participate in these destructive activities.  Michael Brown was not a child as he has been portrayed over and over by those capitalizing on the situation.  As I believe it was reported in the news, he was an eighteen year-old male adult, over 6 feet tall, and a hefty build.  His attitude, as demonstrated by his actions, was the same as that of those conducting the “knock-down” attacks.  I believe they also resulted in at least one death.  “By their actions shall you know them.”  I don’t remember any demonstrations regarding or on behalf of the “knock-out” victims.  The offenders, I believe, were black!  Much of it is also summarized by Mr. Bill O’Reilly in one of his commentaries at this link.

Darren Wilson

The Persecution of Darren Wilson

The Darren Wilson case involving Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, I believe, is a very tragic case on several levels.  The loss of a life, especially a young one, is always a very sad event.  That said, I believe, based on all that I have heard in the news reports, this case is tragic on more than one level.  It is tragic first of all that a young person lost his life.  It is equally tragic that Darren Wilson is being persecuted for doing his job, and losing it, in a case where the other person, Michael Brown, had control of the events leading to his death.  It is also tragic that so many other innocent people have been adversely affected by the unfolding events in Ferguson, Missouri, as well as in many other places across the country.

Michael Brown

Michael Brown, as reported by news agencies and other accounts of Michael Brown’s activities, was caught in a video, at the shop where he stole the cigars/cigarettes, bullying the shop keeper.  He can be clearly seen pushing him around as he tried to recover the stolen goods.  He was accosted by Darren Wilson as he walked down the middle of the street in apparent defiance of the policeman (Darren Wilson).  His defiant attitude, in the language of the street, essentially said, “I’m Da Man.”  That attitude led to his death.  He, according to reports, attacked Darren Wilson in his vehicle, was shot, left the vehicle, and returned in a defiant charge to bring Darren Wilson down.  Darren Wilson, I believe, was in danger of losing his own life. I believe he was therefore justified, according to the law, and according to the principles of survival in a life-threating situation, in taking the actions he did.  Michael Brown, through his actions in the shop and in the street, established himself as a thug.  The professional football players who took up his defense with the “hands up” gesture have their own issues with thugs in their ranks.  It is no surprise that they would lift up their hands, or voices, for the cause.  They can be lumped in with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and their ilk.  Much of it is also summarized by Mr. Bill O’Reilly in one of his commentaries at this link.

Family Culpability

Michael Brown’s family, I believe, has to take a large share of the blame for his fate.  Proper Family guidance was apparently not there for Michael, or he ignored it.  Proverbs 22:6, King James Version (KJV ) states: “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  I doubt that he received this training, or anything close to it.  The major portion of the country subscribes to this Judeo-Christian principle in counseling their children.  My understanding is that his Stepfather has a prison record based on a couple of offenses.  While I was watching the shouting and loud wailing of Michael’s Mother, while she was apparently standing on a platform of some type, I could not believe in its sincerity.  The same goes for the activities of the Stepfather, except that I believe he was actually calling for continuation of the looting and burning.  The surrounding protesters and their supporters (instigators), I believe, were just setting the stage for the demands being put forth.  Eventually they will result in payoff.  This is the pattern that has been followed in the past.  This event is the excuse for other agendas.  The decision of the jury does not matter.  Nothing said will appease the protesting masses and their driving instigators.  The event will only be used to advance other agendas and extract payoffs from the public due to weak public officials.  The weak, contributing official are at both local and national levels.  As long as they get a payoff, financially and otherwise, they will continue their disruptive and destructive activities.  Instigators and other parties to the unlawful activities profit.  The outcome will be the loss of life for other police officers.  This will be due to hesitation to defend themselves because of the memories of what has happened in the case of Darren Wilson.  Additionally, who, in their right mind, would want to be in law enforcement with the demonstrated restrictions hanging over their every action.  Much of it is also summarized by Mr. Bill O’Reilly in one of his commentaries at this link.


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