Finance Gurus

Finance gurus!  How many of you believe that Dave Ramsey is the first “Finance Guru?”  What about Charles GivensMark HaroldsenSuze Orman?  Some of the financial “experts” seem to cater to those who are looking for a magic “fix.”  They give instant answers to a perceived specific question, rather than an explanation of the basic facts pertaining to the situation.  The gurus cater to their own “special” approach to restate basic facts that are not new, but creates a new generation of subscribers who don’t bother to apply what they already know. A little basic math and intelligent consideration of the basic issue are all that is needed.  Basic Math: if you are spending more than you make, someone else is paying the tab.  Intelligent Consideration: if you buy it, you owe for it.  Don’t look for ways to get out of paying the bill, e.g., bankruptcy.  When this happens, all other consumers pay the bill in higher costs.  The creation of an ever-larger, dependent, credit oriented, consumer population generates a cost spiral for those paying their bills.  The influence of the financial gurus is questionable!


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