Weapons on Leave

Weapons on Leave – Gun Perceptions

Weapons take on many forms – knives, hammers, ball bats, cars, hands, ropes, feet, iron pipes – to name only a few. But, I can hear the screams now, “you left out guns.”   Gun control!  Gun control is the most persistent cry heard now by the “liberals” of the United States of America (USA) and is the most illogical. The relaxation of gun controls has never been more needed in my lifetime of almost 78 years. Gun control, or the more encompassing “weapons control” has more than one perception.  I have heard one statement that “gun control is the control of recoil.”  That is true, technically!  However, I believe that statement was one of emotion rather than one of reasoned thought.  I feel that I have been inclined to that reaction in response to some events that I’ve observed, heard about, or experienced.  It approaches, or is, a state of anger.

In event after event we have seen where the absence of guns in the possession of and control of responsible people has contributed to injury and death that could very likely have been prevented or, at least, reduced. The most recent is the killing and injury of Marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Before that, the killing of the 9 black church members in Carolina. Go back to the massacre at Fort Hood, Texas. In each of these cases, and others, one or two people with guns to shoot back could have made a great difference in the outcome. The idea that military personnel, who live under daily threat in today’s environment, should not be armed is ludicrous. If those individuals, of which many have participated in combat, and all have received weapons training, are not qualified to use weapons for their own protection as well as the protection of others, then who is? To use a military term, weapons are “on leave” from the military. This is also true for many more of our unprotected institutions – schools, hospitals, restaurants, meeting and sports venues, etc.

The leaders of the USA and their minions hide behind guard forces with guns to protect them and their families, but they want to deny the Constitutional, Second Amendment, rights of the general population to protect themselves and their families. I think it would be very fitting for some of them and their families to suffer some of the violence feared and experienced by the ordinary Citizen. Perhaps then they would develop some understanding of the problem. I believe the current administration is guilty of treason, on several levels, in its refusal to protect the country and its citizens – a primary duty of the President of the United States of America. It is debatable as to whether or not we currently have a President in the year 2015, and that has been true for several years.

National Rifle Association (NRA)

I am a long-time member of the NRA and I am also a firm believer in the majority of the positions taken by the NRA leadership and the Association membership.  Without their efforts to fend off the liberal Obama Administration’s campaign to strip the Second Amendment from the USA Constitution, I feel that gun control (denial of ownership) would be absolute.  I feel, as many do, that the Second Amendment guarantees all the others.  Much of the Nation’s strength is in the armed position and capabilities of the civilian population.  This population includes many former military and civilian police members.  And, if current trends persist, I believe that at some point in the near future the currently active military members, civilian former military members, and law enforcement members will have to declare themselves.  They will have to decide whether they are going to defend the constitution, as they are sworn to do, or devote their allegiance to a lawless USA Government. The current Administration disobeys laws with impunity and disregards the Constitution. Trust in them is foolish!

Gun Control Advocates

Gun control advocates have their heads buried in the sand! They ignore the facts of what is going on around us in the “gun-free” designations. Prudent citizens will obtain legal permits to carry, ignore those “gun-free” designations if they do not carry the force of law, and protect themselves. By the time the police arrive at an active-shooter location, it’s all over except for the crying and mourning.

Gun control advocates are not a group for which I have an affinity.  I would rather seek relationships elsewhere.  I would rather be in a crowd of legally permitted, concealed-carry, gun owners, than one where I know nothing about the propensities of the membership.  In today’s environment in the USA, I believe that in most crowds you are going to have illegal gun carriers, concealed-carry, about which you know nothing. Their background and potential intent are unknowns.  If they are illegally carrying, I think it is reasonable to assume that they may not be responsible citizens.

I bought my first shotgun for hunting at age 11 from paper route earnings. For several years prior to that I owned and shot bb guns, and prior to that I played “cowboys and Indians” with cap pistols. We also made “rubber” guns with rubber inner tubes. Also made and used “flips!” I hunted until graduation from High School, and then started again when my son became 16 years old. That lasted until he found someone his own age to hunt with. He has been an avid hunter for 32 years without accident. I had military service in 1961-62, with weapons training of several types. Many of my friends have had similar journeys. I have been a legally permitted, concealed-carry, carrier since around 1964 without incident or accident. But, it has been available and no one has been harmed by that state of preparedness! That right should be enjoyed by all responsible USA citizens, and especially the military due to the targets they have on their backs.

Foot Note

Gun Control has already started at Bass Pro Shops Sporting Goods.

When I was ready to pay for my purchases of gun powder and bullets at my local Bass Pro Shop, the cashier said, “Strip down, facing me.”…

Making a mental note to complain to the NRA about the gun control wackos running amok, I did just as she had instructed. When the hysterical shrieking and alarms finally subsided, I found out that she was referring to how I should place my credit card in the card reader.

I have been asked to shop elsewhere in the future.

They need to make their instructions to seniors a little clearer.

I still do not think I looked that bad.


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