United States Constitution Discussed

United States Constitution


The so-called “Progressives” have, for many years, been pushing this country down the “slippery slope!”  The current administration is close to sealing its doom when it hits the very near bottom.  The administration is lawless, and the administration and country is increasingly being populated and threatened by those who are following suit in the accelerated effort to compel government dependence.


Reading of the below document will inform you of just how visionary Ronald Reagan was in his evaluation of where the country stood prior to his venture into office and where we stand today.  The document is found on the Hillsdale College web site and is a component of one of the free courses they offer.


A Time for Choosing, by Ronald Reagan (1911 – 2004): http://online.hillsdale.edu/file/constitution-courses-library/constitution-101/week-9/A-Time-for-Choosing.pdf



United States Constitution


Visit the following link for a preview of the free Hillsdale College course on the United States of America Constitution: http://online.hillsdale.edu/course/con-101/lecture-1/lecture

I highly recommend this outstanding, free, course about the United States of America Constitution. Speak with authority when discussing it or challenging the direction our Government is going. Learn about the environment in which it was developed and the provisions made to keep it relevant. Observe the dangerous ways in which the current administration is deviating from it without the authority to do so. View the following link:



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